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Elena Petrova - the creator of Russian Brides Cyber Guide


I found your site, while surfing. It is too bad I did not find your site a year ago... I certainly would have used it. Now having spent 45 days in Russia traveling on a home stay this Summer, I would like to tell you, you are without a doubt the most straightforward in your information, and the most accurate. For the most part every thing you have said on your site is true, and I know, because of personal experience. Anyone I know who is looking to Russia I will point to your web site. The truth will get far more business than the normal B. S. I was exceptionally lucky in finding my other half. We both were looking for each other, we simply didn't realize it... What I found in Russia is much the way I was raised. I found that the Russian women are much more practical and optimistic than most American women. They also know how to be women. I appreciate their love of family, and their ability not to let little problems drive them crazy. Never saw a broken nail upset them much :-) :-) I think your clients will be more than happy with the service you provide. Keep up the good work. 

D. J. (USA)

The information on your site is so well-documented and professionally presented. You've obviously taken great care and put much effort into it. I hope to read through it all in time. You present fascinating cultural issues in a very clear light. If all Russian women are as intelligent and attractive as you, I really need to consider joining your service. I hope all is well for you in Australia, and I wish you the same success that you are bringing to your clients.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Dear Elena Petrova,
I wanted to compliment you on your very fine web site site! I happened to come across your site, because I received an unexpected response to my personals advertisement on the web from a Russian lady, and decided to try to find out more about Russian women and meeting them through the Internet. I must say, that in all of the sites I visited for information about this subject, yours is by far the most well written, informative and helpful. You have covered every important topic that I wanted to know about, and provided very interesting information about other topics I had not even thought of! As the owner of a small company myself, I think it is wonderful that you are able to provide such value to your customers, and (hopefully :-) still make a decent business for yourself in such a fine, ethical manner. The service and information you offer is truly valuable, and I hope that your business, like your marriage, will be richly blessed.

Donald C. (USA)

I thought I would take a minute to just thank you for the information you have posted on your Web-site. I used a lot of the information before I traveled to Uzbekistan. My wife has the same name as you. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. She still hasn't made it to the United States yet, but I hope soon. We got married in Tashkent, her home town, on March 7th of this Year. I have no doubt that it is for Life. So again, Thanks for the Honest and Truthful information that is Free on your site. 

Barry (USA)

Dear Elena,
I would like to take a moment to compliment you... You come to a new country and embrace its new culture and its technology; yes, hard to believe, but Elena Petrova, that insecure blond from Central Europe, has created one of the most useful sites on the whole God damn internet. How is it possible? After all, she's only a woman; not only that, she's only a RUSSIAN woman! So, my dear, not only do I thank you for creating your useful and interesting website, but also for showing us HOW IT'S DONE!


Dear Elena,

I have visited your websites many times to gain information for the many articles. Also I have visited your husband's website and found his very helpful also.

But you are again the model of the honest matchmaker; you were the person who started the Blacklist. You were the first to have factual articles that illustrate the reality of life in Russia, what Russian women are really like, and the reality of this international marriage process.

I belong to several groups of men who are in the process of finding Russian women for marriage or are already married to Russian women or all kinds and we share our experiences and information. Your name comes up consistently whenever I recommend an agency or when someone else does.

This single American man thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

Tony Bressi, USA


A Russian woman about Russian women

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My name is Elena Petrova. As the title of this site says, I am a Russian woman. I grew up in Russia, and spent the large part of my life there. I got married to a Westerner in 1998.

I have a masters degree in philosophy (graduated with distinction), and also a postgraduate education in marketing and advertising. For a few years I worked in commerce, then as a copywriter for an advertisement department of a prominent industrial plant employing over 4,500 people. My last position before I left Russia was as a regional manager of a large marketing agency (one of 22 regional offices), where I had 150 people working for me and quite a comfortable income. I had my own apartment and a car, so the reason why I decided to look for a husband abroad was not because I was desperate or living in poverty.

I lived in Ekaterinburg, one of the biggest cities in Russia, traveled a lot, both around the countries of the former Soviet Union (when I started to travel it was still a country; Soviet Union ended in 1991 and all former 15 Soviet Republics became independent countries) and "far abroad", how Russians call the countries, which were not a part of the USSR. In my opinion, we Russians are really different from the other nations. Read about it in the Russians section of the page "About Russia".

Though I've never had a problem with getting men's attention, I was not able to find The Man Of My Dreams in my homeland. Why? I don't know, deep inside I now think it was simply not meant to be, I was meant to move abroad and become a writer and start a dating agency, and if I met a partner in Russia I know this would never happen! :-) Well, it's kind of a joke but as the saying goes 'every joke has a bit of joke, the rest is the truth'... But facts are facts and the facts are that although I really wanted to get married and have a family, I didn't get married in Russia. 

This is why at the age of 29 I decided to broaden my horizons and try to look for someone abroad. Being single at 29 is more than just a little unusual for a Russian woman. It was not just strange, it looked suspicious, and I felt like a complete idiot every time I had to answer the question "Have you got married?" (it meant: "at last...") whenever I met my school or university classmates. Read the Family life section, and you will probably understand why.

You know, marrying a foreigner is one of the hottest topics in Russia. I think, any single Russian woman would have thought about it at least once in her life. This idea came to my mind several times since I was 26, and it took me as little as 3 years to start making it come true. I won't overburden you with the details, let's just say that my search was quite successful. I received more than 250 men's letters from all over the globe, most from the USA. Frankly, I was amazed with the number and quality of men who answered my ad, they were educated, interesting, mature and really wanted to have a family! WOW! This was such a difference with Russian men, it was hard to believe! It nearly looked too good too be true! (This is probably how you feel reading profiles of Russian women)

Long story short, I met my future husband rather quickly although it took us 12 month before we met in person and another half a year before we got married. (Today it happens much faster, Skype and cheap international calling rates help...) Pretty soon I got pregnant with our fist child and in another couple of years we had our second. 

I still keep in contact with my Russian friends, and my successful story has encouraged many of them to try the same way. My cousin married a guy from the USA, and my friends are communicating with Americans, Australians and Europeans. 

The idea of relationships between Western men and foreign women was really interesting to me, and that is why I decided to design this site. I would like to supply truly unbiased information about Russian women, their motives, aims, and conceptions, and touch on their misconceptions and superstitions.

A while ago I was interviewed by Cosmo, and the lady-reporter seemed to be going to write a completely different story from the beginning of our interview. The announcement for the future article was "South Africa's mail order brides". Sounds a bit nasty, doesn't it? This was the first time I had heard this term "mail order brides", and honestly, I was shocked!!! I had no idea this was the way Russian women seeking partners abroad were represented in western media.

Nevertheless, it looked like the lady-reporter changed her attitude. The cover page to the actual issue with the article said "South Africa's Mail Order Romances". A bit better. And the article finished with the words "Welcome" and "Good luck" addressed to all us Russian women. (Thank you, Shantal.)

This was my first encounter with the way Russian-western marriages were presented in the media. I looked on the Internet in search of the information, and was shocked even more. With so many sources offering information about Russian women, there was precious little information that was not one-sided, or purposefully incorrect.

I found that there are two types of myths in Western society regarding Russian women, positive and negative, both are far from the truth. Even if there is a grain of truth in some of them, they are usually totally wrong about the reasons for the phenomena. This is why I decided to design my own website, and give the opinion of a Russian woman who came through the process herself. Being a qualified philosopher, I tried to deal with questions taking into consideration all facets of my experience, previous Russian and latest Western, and see the whole picture as opposed to looking at separate pieces of the puzzle, and trying to draw conclusions about the whole picture from this very piece. I hope it gives a better understanding of Russian women and Russia in general.

Please note that the main contents of this website, such as pages "About Russia", "Russian Women Secrets" and "Myths And Reality", were written long before I started my dating business, so please don't think they are a usual marketing hype. They express the ideas of a Russian woman on subjects in question, and not the ideas of a dating website owner. I later revised some facts that became outdated (thanks my visitors for pointing me out) but preserved the essence.

So at first this site was designed as an informational source but many of my visitors asked me if I could do this and that for them, and that's how the idea about giving people a service came to my mind. Starting from small things like translations, Russian Brides Cyber Guide started to provide different services to people seeking international relationships.

Since I wanted to keep Russian Brides Cyber Guide as an informational source, the dating agency operations were united under the name of Elena's Models.

Articles about me and my agency were published in many Russian publications including Cosmopolitan, Home Computer, Computers and Internet, Private Life, Krest'yanka (popular women's magazine) and dozens of others. I was invited for TV interviews in Russia and South Africa. I was also asked for interviews by many newspapers and magazines - USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Finland... I have authored a book in Russian, called "101 tips how to find a husband abroad." I have customers from all over the world. (Click here for the list of countries). 

My sites Russian Brides Cyber Guide and Elena's Models are recommended by many sources on the Internet, including anti-scam sites, and their recommendations are the best credit to my work.

I am very proud to be one of the women who managed to make their way into the Internet business. When I left Russia I did not even know what the Internet was! Now I have an international dating agency with offices in 5 countries - a dream come true! :-)

You can contact me HERE.


Elena Petrova

My meeting with Russian girls seeking western men
My meeting with Russian girls in a marriage agency (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
I am second from the right in a zebra print blouse


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