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Sugar Daddy Gets His Baby

By Marina Smiley

With dating agencies popping up all over the Internet you begin to read more and more information about gold diggers - women who try to take money from trustful and honest men.

But let see how it works. 

If a man, in the age group of 18-25 tries to find his soulmate thru a dating service and his target are women who are from the same age group, just how many gold-diggers do you think he may attract? Most likely, none, zero, nada!

Let's look at another age group. A 58 year old man looking for his soul-mate in his respective age group, 45 to 55 years old. How many gold-diggers do you think he could attract with his advertisement placed at the dating agency? Again, most likely, none!

Now, what about a man who is 58 years old who is looking at finding a woman from the former group, the 18 to 25-year-olds. Bingo!!

His ad, at the same dating agency will be a magnet for attracting gold-diggers. 

Now, how can that be? Both men are using the same dating agency. Both men are trying to attract a woman from the same age group, yet the younger man will most likely not have a problem finding a nice, sweet young lady but the older man will a gold-digger/scammer. And what is the most interesting is that the most sweetest girl for young men can turn to the gold-digger for older men! Why is that?

The answer is very simple.

First you need to understand that many men become vain, especially if they are physically fit and look much younger. This vanity leads them to think that the can attract women who are very much younger than they are and these young women will be attracted to them for their youthful appearances. Honestly, these men can attract these very young women but not for the reasons their egos and vanities have implied.

What sort of relationship, do you think, this older man-younger woman could possibly have? Is this older man into rap and hip-hop music? Does this very young woman have the sophistication to understand fine wine? What about understanding politics, world affairs, arts and sciences? Could this very young girl have that amount of sophistication in her very young world? How about going out and dancing and partying all night? Do you think this older man could really keep up just because he might look fit and in shape? 

Ok, lets say this 58-year old guy does connect with a young woman that is between 18 and 25. Let's assume that they have married. This young lady loves her older man but is she completely happy? We are pretty sure, he is. He has gotten his "boy-toy" but is she getting what she needs or is she missing something in her life even though she is in love with this 58-year -old man? This very young woman is probably missing many of the activities and adventures in life that her age group is just beginning to experience. 

So, what's the compensation for this missing part of her life? 

In the eyes of these young women it could be many different things. A position in society, beautiful clothes, diamonds, jewelry, a expensive car, money, a nice home and/or a myriad of other things. 

Should you judge this woman badly? Personally, I don't. Why? Because that is what her "sugar daddy wants" and that is what he has gotten, a "boy-toy"!

Just think about it.

First of all this man is old enough to be this young woman's father if not the grandfather and to keep his little girl, he really needs to be "sweet " to her. "Daddy", in this case is going to do everything he can to keep his "little" girl and this young woman learns very quickly how to get her way, just like a spoiled child. 

On the whole, we look at these young women as "gold-diggers", but are they really? In these cases, I don't think so. I think it is more of a child wanting things for "daddy" to provide, especially since she is not around her peers, she fills the void.

So, what is the advice for men, who don t want to be called "Sugar Daddy" 
and not to attract "gold-diggers" ? Be real and realistic. 

Quit looking for a child and begin looking for a woman. 

Realize this, if you still want a "child/wife", be prepared to be her "sugar daddy". Provide for your young beauty, marry her and live happily ever after. 

You and your young wife should enjoy your fairy tale relationship... while it lasts.

Copyright 2004 International Soulmate
Marina Smiley is the author of eBooks about Russian-Western marriages.

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