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Thank you for the valuable background information on Russian women and culture. Much of what you have to say about Russian women reminds me of my own mother. She has a lot of character and has persevered through some difficult times in her life. Russian women must be something special. Beautiful with hearts of gold and spines of steel.

J. M.

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Russian Female Names

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When browsing catalogues with ads of Russian women, you will notice that some names appear again and again: Irina, Julia, Elena, Natalia, Olga, Svetlana... There is nothing wrong with it. Also, the same Russian name may be spelled in English in different ways, so don't be confused if she spells her name slightly differently every time.

Read about different variations and spellings of the most common female names, and you can even see how her name looks in Russian!

If the page does not display Russian characters correctly, go to View - Encoding in your browser, and select Cyrillic (Windows).

Sign ' after consonants means soft sound; above vowels - stress-mark (omitted in writing! I inserted them only for easy pronunciation).

Aff. - means "affectionate"

Name Variations Short (affectionate) forms Russian spelling (short, affectionate forms)
Albina -- Alya (Al'binochka, Alechka) Альбина (Аля, aff. Альбиночка, Алечка)
Alena Alyona, Aljena -- (Alyonushka, Alenochka) Алёна (aff. Алёнушка, Алёночка)
Alina -- -- (Alinochka) Алина (aff.Алиночка)
Alisa -- -- (Alisochka) Алиса (aff. Алисочка)
Alla -- Alya (Alen'ka, Alechka) Алла (Аля, aff. Аленька, Алечка)
Alexandra Aleksandra Sasha (Sashen'ka) Александра (Саша, aff. Сашенька)
Anastasia Anastasya Nastya, Asya, Asia (Nasten'ka, Asen'ka) Анастасия (Настя, Ася, aff. Настенька, Асенька)
Angela Anjela, Andjella, Angella, Anzhela, Angelika, Anjelica Angela (Angelochka) Анжела (aff. Анжелочка)
Anna -- Anya (Anechka) Анна (Аня, aff. Анечка)
Antonina -- Tonya (Tonechka) Антонина (Тоня, aff. Тонечка)
Galina -- Galya (Galen'ka) Галина (Галя, aff. Галенька)
Gulnara -- Gulya, Gulia, Guliya (Gulen'ka) Гульнара (Гуля, aff. Гуленька)
Ekaterina Ekatherina, Katerina, Yekaterina Katya (Katen'ka) Екатерина (Катя, aff. Катенька)
Elena Yelena, Helena, Helen, Yelana Lena (Lenochka) Елена (Лена, aff. Леночка)
Elizaveta Elisaveta, Yelizaveta Liza, Lisa (Lizon'ka) Елизавета (Лиза, aff. Лизонька)
Evgenie Evgenia, Evgenya, Evgeniya, Ewgenia Zhenya (Zhenechka) Евгения (Женя, aff. Женечка)
Inessa -- -- Инесса
Inna -- -- Инна
Irina Irena, Iryna -- (Irinochka) Ирина (aff. Ириночка)
Julia Ioulia, July, Yulia Yulya (Yulen'ka) Юлия (Юля, aff. Юленька)
Ksenia Xenia, Ksenya Ksuysha (Ksuyshen'ka) Ксения (Ксюша, aff. Ксюшенька)
Larisa Larissa Lora, Lara (Larison'ka) Лариса (Лора, Лара, aff. Ларисонька)
Lolita -- Lola (Lolitochka) Лолита (Лола, aff. Лолиточка)
(means "love")
Liubov, Ljubov, Lyubov, Luybov Luba, Lyuba (Lyubochka) Любовь (Люба, aff. Любочка)
Ludmila Lyudmila, Luydmila, Liydmila Luda, Lyuda, Mila, Lucy (Lyudochka, Milochka) Людмила (Люда, Мила, Люси, aff. Людочка, Милочка)
Lilia Liliya, Lilya Lilya (Lilichka) Лилия (Лиля, aff. Лиличка)
Maria Marya, Mariya Masha (Mashen'ka) Мария (Маша, aff. Машенька)
Margarita Margaret Rita (Ritochka) Маргарита (Рита, aff. Риточка)
Marina -- -- (Marinochka) Марина (aff. Мариночка)
(means "hope")
Nadejda Nadya, Nadia (Naden'ka) Надежда (Надя, aff. Наденька)
Natalia Natalie, Natalya, Nataliya, Nataly, Natali Natasha (Natashen'ka) Наталья (Наташа, aff. Наташенька)
Nelli Nelly Nelya, Nelia (Nelechka) Нелли (Неля, aff. Нелечка)
Nina -- -- (Ninochka) Нина (aff. Ниночка)
Oksana Oxana Ksyusha (Oksanochka, Ksyushen'ka) Оксана (Ксюша, aff. Оксаночка, Ксюшенька)
Olga -- Olya (Olen'ka) Ольга (Оля, aff. Оленька)
Rimma -- -- (Rimmochka) Римма (Риммочка)
Raisa Raissa, Rajisa Raya (Raechka, Rajusha) Раиса (Рая, aff. Раечка, Раюша)
Sophie Sofia, Sophya, Sophiya Sonya (Soneshka) Софья (Соня, aff. Сонечка)
Svetlana Swetlana Sveta (Svetochka) Светлана (Света, aff. Светочка)
Tamara -- Toma (Tomochka) Тамара (Тома, aff. Томочка)
Tatyana Tatiana, Tatjana, Tatjyana Tanya (Tanechka) Татьяна (Таня, aff. Танечка)
Ulyana Uliana, Uljana, Uljyana, Juliana, Julyana Ulya (Ulechka) Ульяна (Уля, aff. Улечка)
Valentina -- Valya (Valyusha) Валентина (Валя, aff. Валюша)
(means "belief")
-- -- (Verochka) Вера (aff. Верочка)
Veronica Veronika Vera, Nika (--) Вероника (Вера, Ника)
Victoria Viktoria, Viktorya, Victorya, Victoriya Vika (--) Виктория (Вика)
Yana Jana, Jyana -- (Yanochka) Яна (aff. Яночка)
Zhanna Ganna, Janna, Jhanna -- (Zhannochka) Жанна (aff. Жанночка)
Zoya Zoja, Zoia -- (Zoen'ka) Зоя (aff. Зоенька)


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