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Dear Elena: 
My name is Chris Pettersen. I am 42 years old and live in Oregon. I stumbled across your web site while searching for the address for the Russian embassy in Washington, DC. I was very impressed with your information on Russian women and found it very gratifying. I don't really have anything particular to say just that what I read on your site was very accurate. You see I am one of the many thousand western men that was searching for someone special in my life and found it in Russia. Although I did not go through your service I did go through similar agency's and am happy to say that I found someone very special that I intend to marry. I spent two weeks with her in Voronezh and will return in April while awaiting our I129-F application to process. I must say that it has been very difficult to convince my peers and coworkers that I am making a wise decision. There appears to be a tremendous stereotyping of Russian women and your myths are so true. Most men in the States that I talk to agree that American women lack true commitment and determination for a permanent relationship and look at marriage as a conditional arrangement. The same men also tend to fall short of looking elsewhere to remedy this dilemma. I was married for 19 years and in that entire period of time could never make my wife happy. When I saw how hard life is in Russia my first thought was every American woman should spend two weeks over there so they could appreciate how good they have it. I am very much in love with this little lady that I can hardly contain myself and I am looking forward to giving her everything I possibly can. Perhaps she holds the ship in her palm as you suggest. Regardless she seems to possess an intuitive intelligence that can peer deep into my soul. This attribute is totally foreign to American Woman and I am convinced that I have found true happiness. I just wanted to say "keep up the good work." There are a lot of American men that need your assistance and helpful insight.

Chris Pettersen (OR, USA)

My Russian wife and I have been married for 3 years. It is only Now that  she is starting to relax her dress code a little. She has been and continues to be a joy  in my life. I am so glad I chose her and that she chose me. I have met many of her friends and the real Russian woman is IMHO the most feminine and beautiful woman as a group I have ever seen.

John (USA)

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Angels in Russia
A true-life story from Dan and Val

Part 1

Dan and Val

Red Square, Moscow, RussiaI subscribed to an internet dating service a couple years ago, expecting to only communicate with American women. I did that, met a few, had a girlfriend from Germany for about a year, but I also received a couple interests from Russian women (which turned out to be scams). They intrigued me enough to make me wonder if I should look outside our country, Russia in particular. The thought of it sounded exotic and intriguing to me. I had done all I had wanted to in life, so I thought I either needed someone like me, or someone who had experienced nothing. Trouble was, all the active girls seemed to be taken, but that was OK as I was more interested in sharing my life anyway. 

A friend showed me this site, and I read up on everything I could.

I sent out a few letters, and a few women responded, trouble for them was that they took a vacation. Except for Val. She was very open, and able to communicate daily. I was not going to be scammed again, so I asked her all the questions I needed, and she answered them as thoroughly as she could. We covered a lot of ground in a very short time, and I could tell that she was not an ordinary person, which seemed a good match for me. I cannot not tell everything, but I will say that we decided to marry after only 4 days of emails. I called her on the phone, which helped ease both our minds afterwards. I am not afraid to take chances in life, and she is not either, but we knew meeting first was necessary. I wanted to start with the legal process, because I knew it would take the most time. I first tried an immigration attorney in my town, but that only proved to waste a month of our time and some of my money. I decided to hire Homes and Lolly (, who seem to be very good at this and at a fair price too. I took a vacation from work, got my visa and airline tickets, and went to Moscow (Val's hometown) about 3 months later.

It seems that most men go to Russia to meet several different women, but I had a lot of faith in Val, and trusted her completely to take care of me the entire time, so she was the only one I met. Actually she was everything for me, my hostess, my tour guide, my interpreter, and my reason for being there. 

When I nervously arrived at the airport, Val had not quite arrived, and for some reason, a man singled me out, and followed me around, until I admitted I could use some help (my 1st angel). Fortunately, he spoke both Russian and English. All I had was Val's cell number, so he called her and told her where to meet us. I don't remember his name, but I will never forget his help. It was so nice to actually meet Val after what seemed an eternity (my 2nd angel). I was impressed with her from the beginning, and my respect grew stronger each moment we were together.

We decided I would stay in her home for the 11 days ahead of time, and it felt like I was having a dream the entire time. Perhaps it would have helped to get more sleep, but I was more interested in getting to know her, and we spent half of each night "communicating". 

I felt nervous the first few days, as everything is so different, and I was completely out of my environment. But overall, I could not have had a better time. The one suggestion I have is really common sense - make sure you are as open and honest as possible. Long distance relationships make this mandatory! You can never say too much. It did not take long for us to fall helplessly in love. 

Val has two daughters, 8 and 9 years old, and despite our different languages, we became very close, and thoroughly enjoyed being with each other, and we fell in love too. I happened to have my birthday while I was there, and they had a party for me. All I can say is what a party!

Even with its problems, there is still some beauty in Russia. Moscow is cold and desolate, but it was enchanting and exotic at the same time. The differences I noticed most were the traffic - the only law seems to be that there are no laws, no one seems to care. In America the pedestrians have the right of way, in Russia the cars do. Some cars are Russian, and the rest are imported from just about everywhere, but unlike Europe, not all are in good condition.

The people showed few emotions, seem preoccupied with something, and usually walked by themselves. No one seemed to trust anyone else. The men don't appear too different, but the women were beautiful. 

I went for a run each day (make sure you can find your way home), and even then people ignored me, except for one Russian, who I think said something like "you crazy American". 

Most people live in apartments, and commute by subway or on foot because the traffic is slow. The subway system there is huge, and serves over 9 million people a day. There are many money exchange places, and flowers are sold everywhere. Almost anything can be bought there, but it is an expensive city for the average income.

I enjoyed seeing Red Square, it is a beautiful place. I also enjoyed a Russian circus very much, Russians are very talented people. There are many other sites to see, as Moscow is a very large city, but it would take a while to see it all, more than 11 days. The food there is great, I tried many different things, and seldom knew what I was eating.

In the end, we all knew we wanted to become a family, and are waiting for our governments to agree with us. Saying goodbye was very difficult, as you can imagine...

Moscow, RussiaOn the flight home, I happened to sit by a Russian gentleman who lived in America, and did counseling to couples from these 2 countries (my 3rd angel). We had a great time visiting, and he assured me he would call Val to discuss any concerns she had, which he later did. It not only is a big risk we take meeting someone from Russia, it is a big risk for them to consider moving to a foreign country, especially with children, and he helped to ease her fears about it all.

I have attached some photos, one taken in town somewhere, one taken at Red Square, and one taken near Moscow University. 

Written by Dan and Val... We will add more to our story when things come
together…Currently the K-1 visa is taking about 6 months to secure and the
K-3 about 10 months.


Family first and all else is a gift
A true-life story from George: "Many women from Russia stated that Family is the most important and the rest is a gift so as the adventures. I am married to a woman that places family first and she is wonderful."

Looking for your True Love in Russia? There is no need to re-invent the wheel! A true-life story of Rainer: "I am glad to be one of the ten percent of men who got the tickets, got on the airplane, and went 6,000 miles to meet a sensitive, energetic, intelligent, ambitious Russian woman..."

Mr Good Citizen finds his Russian bride
A true-life story from Chris: "Russian women can show tremendous warmth and personality through their eyes. Just seeing Irina's eyes in her initial photograph told me she was a special person"

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