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My first observation about your internet site was how much you genuinely care about the ultimate satisfaction of both the women and men whom you help. Your straightforward attitude was most important in easing my doubts and concerns. Thank you for being the lighthouse which guides our hearts on the delicate voyage for love and security.

Rick, USA

I am just amazed by the amount of relevant information I got through your site. I only started looking into this in the past couple of days and the info found in these pages has only helped convince me to pursue this venture.

Carl, Canada

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Sexy, Beautiful, Intelligent And Educated Women...
Mail Order Brides!

Sexy, beautiful, intelligent and educated women... Mail Order Brides!

By Elena Petrova

There is no single man who would not want to meet a woman who is beautiful, intelligent, educated, fit, stylish and sexy.

All men want a girlfriend like this!

The problem is there are not many girls possessing those qualities that are unattached and available. Girls like this usually have a string of admirers and an attitude. You might even think they are out of your league.

Think again!

In your country, this may be true... But the world is so much bigger than that! In some countries, things are exactly the opposite way around: there is a huge shortage of nice, intelligent and stable single men! 

Take Eastern Europe for example: the latest statistics from The Economist show that in places like Russia and Ukraine there are only 88 men for 100 women! In Russia alone, there are 10 million more women than men!

It means there are TEN MILLION WOMEN that will NEVER find a partner!

Historically, during 20th century, women in Russia always outnumbered men, with World War 2 that took lives of 20 million Soviet people, and other 20 million people that died in Stalin's concentration camps. 90% of them were men. 

At that time, for a Russian woman, simply having a man was a blessing!

This created a unique situation between the genders where women were forced to perfect their looks in order to find and keep a mate.

Check Russian dating sites: you will find there thousands beautiful girls that are looking for a partner: well groomed, fashionable and stylish, they will leave you breathless.

Read about their education and you will be stunned: most of them possess advanced university degrees. 

Don't be surprised: about 60% of people in Russia have college or university degrees, others have completed at least 2-year professional training. The system of professional education was inherited from the Soviet times, where young people were required to attend professional training after completing the mandatory high school qualification. They don't have equivalents of associate or honors degrees, and the person has to complete at least 4-year degree, or they don't receive ANY qualification. This is how the state convinces young people to complete their studies. (By the way, education and medical are still f*r*e*e in Russia.)

On Russian dating sites, you will find thousands women that are beautiful, intelligent, educated, fit, stylish and sexy - and at the same time unattached and available. 

And they are looking for nice, intelligent and stable guys - just like you!

The bad news is, you will never be able to meet them...


Because you never look at Russian dating sites. You have this attitude that "mail order brides" are something a decent man will never consider: it is only desperate losers that would look for a partner at such sites. You read in press horror stories about "mail order brides" and this phrase is strongly connected in your mind with such topics as violence, abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking in women and immigration scams. You believe that men that seek wives abroad simply cannot find anybody in their own country and seek obedient, submissive wives. Do you?

Well, then you are for a wake up call. There is no such a thing as "Russian mail order brides" - no more than there is Santa Claus!

There are Russian women seeking suitable partners. Those women are not desperate to leave their country and are proud of their inheritance and culture. They are educated, intelligent, and smart. They are not going to become intimate submissives or maids. They will not tolerate infidelity or abuse. They truly seek SUITABLE partners and will not jump on anybody, just to get out of their misery. 

In fact, they do NOT consider their life miserable! On her average salary, a Russian woman can afford to attend live performances and beauty saloons a few times a month, buy best-selling books, latest fashion and Italian shoes. 

Actually, I used to have much more exciting life in Russia with overseas vacations and quality entertainment than I have now, living in the west!

The same is applicable to many Russian women seeking partners abroad. They are articulate, sophisticated, well read and well traveled. 

Obedient, submissive "Russian mail order brides" do not exist!

You don't have to believe my word.

Read what American men say about that: 

P.S. Personally, I hate this label "mail order brides". I believe it is a disgrace to imply a human being can be ordered as an item, and the sacred companionship of marriage may be purchased as an electrical toothbrush from mail order catalog.

C'mon guys! So called "mail order brides" services do not sell women. They sell access to contact information of their members, that's it - just like you join a local singles club and they give you contact details of people that may be interested in meeting you. Russian dating agencies also have socials like speed dating services where interested men and women can meet each other. Only men and women, themselves, decide whom they want to date. You cannot buy a bride!

It is 21st century, pals! 

Wake up - and smell the roses! :-))

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elena Petrova is well known in the Russian dating industry by her website Russian Brides Cyber Guide (, which is an informational source about Russia and Russian women. She holds master's degree in philosophy and authored several highly successful books about Internet dating.

Check Elena's latest e-book "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me" ( and see what kind of women you can meet at so called "mail order brides" websites!

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