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Hello Elena

I don't know how to start. I have found your site by occasion. I am a 20-year-old Russian girl. Frankly, I was looking through the site trying to find something that was wrong, something that could raise a protest. (I was thinking: "What else they libeled on Russians".) But I could not. I want to thank you for the truthful information on Russian women. Honestly, when I heard the words "Russian bride" before, I was feeling a kind of disguise, like Russian women were selling themselves abroad for food, better life and so on.

I am a Russian wife abroad, it just happened. But my situation is different - I came to USA for a working holiday, met my future husband, and stayed here. I want to say that I am very happy, even if my husband is 24 years older than me. Also I want to say that if a wife is much younger than her husband, it does not necessarily mean that if she wants entertainment (dancing, parties etc), she will tire her spouse to death. Everything depends on the man - if HE also wants to have fun. Sometimes my husband surprises me with his energy and ability to have a good time. Now I have problems with my citizenship, and a little bit home sick, miss my family and friends, but this is NOTHING comparing to the happiness of being in love. All problems are shading away.

When I just came to US, I saw a phrase on the wall of the house of my new friends:


Thank you

Hello Elena

Just want to send a letter to say that my wife told me about this site, and I read some of it, and I want to say that I enjoyed it. My wife, Olga - is a very beautiful, intelligent, fun, exciting and wonderful woman and every day that goes by I realize more and more that I made the right decision when I asked her to be my wife, She has given me so much, that to try to say it here would be almost impossible. I would also like to say that I had never thought that I would some day want to visit Russia but now I do, just to meet a family that I have not met yet but have come to like very much through letters and phone calls (even if I don't understand what they are saying) so with any luck we will get there some day soon.

Olga's Husband

Meet me today!
Cute Russian Girl Anelya
Anelya, 22
Cute Russian Girl Anna
Anna, 24
Cute Russian Girl Natasha
Natasha, 24
Beautiful Women From Russia
Aliona, 38
Real Russian Women Irina
Irina, 28
Young Russian Bride Olga
Olga, 28
Young Russian Bride Katya
Katya, 27
Cute Russian Girl Anna
Anna, 24
Real Russian Women Lana
Lana, 33
Cute Russian Girl Juliya
Juliya, 21
Beautiful Women From Russia
Olesya, 34
Young Russian Bride Irina
Irina, 30
Real Russian Women Zhanna
Zhanna, 34
Young Russian Bride Elena
Elena, 25
Young Russian Bride Zofiia
Zofiia, 25
Young Russian Bride Sofia
Sofia, 25
Cute Russian Girl Olga
Olga, 23
Young Russian Bride Tatiana
Tatiana, 27
Beautiful Women From Russia
Victoria, 37
Cute Russian Girl Tanya
Tanya, 19
Young Russian Bride Viktoria
Viktoria, 28
Cute Russian Girl Kristina
Kristina, 18
Cute Russian Girl Tanya
Tanya, 24
Real Russian Women Lisa
Lisa, 31
Real Russian Women Angelina
Angelina, 34
Beautiful Women From Russia
Alyona, 35
Young Russian Bride Darya
Darya, 25
Real Russian Women Tanya
Tanya, 43
Cute Russian Girl Lesia
Lesia, 23
Real Russian Women Oksana
Oksana, 31
Young Russian Bride Anna
Anna, 27
Cute Russian Girl Polina
Polina, 21
Real Russian Women Svetlana
Svetlana, 37
Real Russian Women Irina
Irina, 38
Young Russian Bride Raisa
Raisa , 26
Beautiful Women From Russian Federation
Julia, 42
Young Russian Bride Polina
Polina, 25
Young Russian Bride Anna
Anna, 27
Cute Russian Girl Victoria
Victoria, 22
Real Russian Women Irina
Irina, 50
Cute Russian Girl Katya
Katya, 23
Young Russian Bride Kateryna
Kateryna, 25
Cute Russian Girl Yulianna
Yulianna, 21
Real Russian Women Olga
Olga, 44
Beautiful Women From Russia
Tatiana , 44
Young Russian Bride Anastasiya
Anastasiya, 29
Real Russian Women Olga
Olga, 28
Real Russian Women Oksana
Oksana, 45
Young Russian Bride Ekaterina
Ekaterina, 28
Young Russian Bride Veronika
Veronika, 26
Young Russian Bride Natasha
Natasha, 30
Young Russian Bride Olga
Olga, 28
Cute Russian Girl Marina
Marina, 23
Young Russian Bride Anna
Anna, 30
Young Russian Bride Aida
Aida, 30
Cute Russian Girl Vladislava
Vladislava, 22
Cute Russian Girl Valerie
Valerie, 20
Cute Russian Girl Julia
Julia, 20
Cute Russian Girl Ella
Ella, 24
Cute Russian Girl Marina
Marina , 20
Cute Russian Girl Viktoria
Viktoria, 24
Cute Russian Girl Tatyana
Tatyana, 19
Young Russian Bride Lili
Lili, 30
Young Russian Bride Angelika
Angelika, 27
Cute Russian Girl Valeria
Valeria, 20
Young Russian Bride Olga
Olga, 27
Young Russian Bride Kseniya
Kseniya, 27

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Women of the previous Weekly Ladies Catalogues

Those are sample listings from our catalogues of the previous issues who have been listed some time ago. If you want to receive access to the data of currently available women, subscribe to the Weekly Ladies Catalogue, and receive 50+ NEW profiles every week.

Alexandra (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 23/5'2"/136lbs - issue 15

Alena (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 28/ 5'4"/ 118 lbs - issue 3

Alina (Belarus) 23/ 5'5"/123 lbs - issue 14

Alla (Chernovtsy, Ukraine) 38/ 5'4"/127 lbs - issue 10

Elena (Volgograd, Russia) 25/ 5'6"/114 lbs - issue 29

Elena (Kazan, Russia) 24/ 5'10"/128 lbs - issue 33

Elina (Vladivostok, Russia) 27/ 5'5"/125 lbs - issue 21

Galina (Ekarerinburg, Russia) 26/ 5'6"/127 lbs - issue 27s

Inga (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) 26/ 5'3"/125 lbs - issue 17

Inna (Nerungri, Russia) 24 y. o. - issue 11

Ioulia (Kaliningrad region, Russia) 25/ 5'4"/114lbs - issue 16

Irina (Omsk, Russia) 19/ 5'8"/132 lbs - issue 17

Irina (Odessa, Ukraine) 27/ 5'4" /108 lbs - issue 8

Julia (Chelyabinsk, Russia) 21/ 5'5 /106 lbs - issue 4

Yulia (Nerungri, Russia) 22/ 5'4"/121 lbs - issue 7

Lena (Odessa, Ukraine) 26/ 5'8"/136 lbs - issue 14

Ludmila (Kishinev, Moldova) 38/ 5'3"/114 lbs - issue 21

Ludmila (Kursk, Russia) 39/ 5'5"/117 lbs - issue 32

Marina (Kaliningrad, Russia) 35/ 5'4" /114 lbs - issue 8

Mila (Kaliningrad, Russia) 44/ 5'2"/116 lbs - issue 24

Nadezhda (Taganrog, Russia) 42/ 5'4"/149 lbs - issue 31

Natalia (Berdsk, Russia) 27/ 5'7"/125 lbs - issue 43

Natalia (Belgorod, Russia) 28/ 5'3"/110 lbs - issue 40

Natalia (Volgograd, Russia) 24/ 5'9"/117 lbs - issue 5

Natalia (Odessa, Ukraine) 26/ 5'9" /127 lbs - issue 9

Natalia (Moscow, Russia) 33/ 5'5"/110 lbs - issue 10

Natalia (Novosibirsk, Russia) 25/ 5'8"/114 lbs - issue 35

Natalie (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) 26/ 5'4"/ 104 lbs - issue 9

Natalya (Donetsk, Ukraine) 23/ 5'10"/138 lbs - issue 10

Nataly (Marioupol, Ukraine) 28/ 5'4"/114 lbs - issue 17

Nataly (St Petersburg, Russia) 24/ 5'3"/114 lbs - issue 2

Nataly (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 26/ 5'7"/123 lbs - issue 4

Nataly (Kiev, Ukraine) 22/ 5'5"/119 lbs - issue 52

Oksana (Odessa, Ukraine) 36/ 5'7"/125 lbs - issue 12

Oksana (Volgograd, Russia) 24/ 5'2"/110 lbs - issue 22

Oksana (Novosibirsk, Russia) 27/ 5'5"/106 lbs - issue 37

Olesya (Ekanterinburg, Russia) 20/ 5'3"/102 lbs - issue 9

Olga (Volgograd, Russia) 32/ 5'7"/127 lbs - issue 6

Olga (Kishinev, Moldova) 25/ 5'7"/121 lbs - issue 32

Svetlana (Moscow, Russia) 25/ 5'9"/123 lbs - issue 13

Svetlana (Kiev, Ukraine) 28/ 5'2"/112 lbs - issue 14

Tatiana (Kazan, Russia) 25/ 5'7"/132 lbs - issue 4

Tatiana ( Vitebsk, Belarus) 25/ 5'9"/143 lbs - issue 16

Ulia (Kaliningrad, Russia) 21/ 5'2"/92 lbs - issue 47

Valeria (Odessa, Ukraine) 22/ 5'4"/103 lbs - issue 13

Victoria (Chelyabinsk, Russia) 27/ 5'2" /132 lbs - issue 7

Viktoria (Uman, Ukraine) 25/ 5'9"/125 lbs - issue 46

Victoria (Ukraine) 22/ 5'7"/123 lbs - issue 21


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